Monday, August 24, 2009

Confessions Again

My first confession is that its True Confessions Monday again at the Sisterhood and I haven't blogged since the last one.

I also haven't done anything good since then. Didn't eat well, didn't exercise.

That's right, no Shredding at all last week. Or gym. Or anything. So much for Shredding every day.

I missed Days 11-18 of the 21 Day Challenge. I pretty much just need to start over. And I did so good the first bit.

And not today either because, well, it's my one day a month that I never make myself do anything... ya know, Sisters? Is this day as big a deal to the rest of the female population or is it just bad because mine have always been bad?

I could list all the food confessions - but it would just make you crave bad stuff, so I won't. But the birthday cake is finally gone.

Tomorrow is my sisters birthday and I'm hosting her party at my house. And making cake. But I'll make her take the leftovers back to her house to fatten up her house mates instead of me.

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