Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weekend Worries OR Warriors ??

Weekends are hard on everybody - diet wise - I think. A weekend is cause to celebrate and celebrating is cause for eating. So this weekend my goal is just to eat less crap than usual. I know, I know, maybe that's setting the bar too low. But I've been doing really well lately and I don't want to blow that. So I won't overdo it.

Last night hubby and I had pizza on our Friday Night Date. Today I am going to be pretty good. It's just a normal day around here really since my hubby is working. Tomorrow, Sunday, is a family birthday party for me. So I'm not cooking and I AM celebrating. I'll eat whatever my MIL makes and I'll eat cake. But first thing Monday morning, Jillian will be Shredding me again.

Maybe planning your diet "failures" is the way to go. This way I don't feel like I "failed" on my "diet" I feel like I made choices about what is worth skipping and what is worth enjoying. What do you think?

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