Monday, August 17, 2009

True Confessions Monday at the Sisterhood

My "Weekend Warrior" plans didn't go quite as well as I planned. But it wasn't awful.

My birthday is Wednesday and I plan on eating cake ... and plenty of it.

I am doing well on my 21 Day Challenge to have a good attitude about exercise, but I did miss a day last week. Bummer!

I feel guilty about wanting to blow off dieting on my birthday. I want to WANT to eat well. But my desire to eat crap still wins sometimes.

I have big plans for Shredding every day this week. I am ready to be ... even just as skinny as I was before my miscarriage.


  1. Way to go on the 21 day challenge! I'm so proud of you for sticking with the exercising!! Wooohoooooo!!

    I think it's perfectly acceptable to indulge on your birthday. Remember, this isn't a diet, it's your new lifestyle, and you're going to indulge sometimes. You just have to realize that it's a special occasion, and you'll have to get back on the wagon afterwards!!

    Happy Birthday on Wednesday!!!!!!

  2. Great job sticking with the exercise. This is why you should feel fine with endulging a little on your birthday. Special occasions are meant to be enjoyed, not stressed about. So go out and have that cake! Happy Birthday.

  3. Great job with the challenge! And OF COURSE you eat cake on your birthday. It's totally allowed.

  4. Have a piece for me on Wednesday- it's your birthday and you deserve to celebrate. Awesome job on the exercising!

  5. Happy belated birthday!! I hope you enjoyed your cake:)

    Good job keeping up with the challenge!!