Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shredding Day 2

I skipped a day of shredding, but today I did my Day 2 (I exercised yesterday, just didn't Shred). I'd say it was about the same as Day 1. But it was nice to know what to expect. Jillian really does seem to know just when I'm about poop out on her. And she says just the right thing to keep me going. I know she sometimes gets a bad rap - but I appreciate her! I realize I may be singing a different song after Day 12 or something...

I'm doing really well on eating lately, too. Breakfast has never been a problem for me (my kids eat Cheerios, so I do too). For lunch I've been having a filling salad (broccoli, cheese, turkey, Romaine, carrots, etc) or a yogurt with high-protein granola, sometimes a Turkey wrap. Smoothies or Jell-O for an afternoon snack. And dinner I don't stress about too much either. I try to feed my family healthy foods anyway and when it's something ... well, like pizza... I just don't eat very much of that and have some more salad to fill up. I'm feeling pretty good.

Tonight is my bookclub and I have to find something healthy to bring to it... maybe I should Tweet for suggestions.

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  1. that's a difficult one. i went to a tea, and was surrounded by fattening dips. hopefully your tweeting will result in some fabulous ideas!