Friday, June 26, 2009

Before and ... not quite After yet

I recently came across this picture of me from three Summer's ago. It is horrid! Nightmarish! Ick! Granted, it's a bad angle and I'm doing a funny pose, but it's pretty scary. My legs, my neck, my arms! All so fluffy! And this is BEFORE I had baby #3! So it only got worse from here. I think I got pregnant again like the next month (my boys are only 13 months apart).

Below is me in January of this year at one of my best points. Sure, I'm more covered up, but you can see that I have a chin. My legs are slimmer. I look more fit. In fact, I AM more fit!

I was working hard at this point to loose weight. And I was having success. I felt so good when I got dressed in the morning. People who know me noticed and complimented me. I'm not just seeking compliments, but it was nice to have my hard work validated by their compliments.

It's good to remind myself that when I get serious about this, my body obeys. It just takes sticking with it. Some consistency. Hard work. Sweat. Emotional strength. The point is, it CAN be done.

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