Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weigh In #3

GAIN. Enough said. No, just kidding, I have more to say. I gained only 0.2 pounds (putting me at 157). That would be good were it not for the fact that this is the second full week for me of exercising well and eating well and seeing basically no results.

I'm getting kind of tired of this. The reward for my hard work it supposed to be the satisfaction of seeing the scale go down and my muscles go up. I am seeing some of the muscles going up, but none of the scale going down. It's very, very frustrating.

This past week I did not overindulge or over-eat or over-anything! I went to the gym twice for good, long workouts and worked out at home for at least 20 minutes twice also. I didn't snack in the afternoon. I didn't snack in the evening. Basically, I DID EVERYTHING RIGHT! So why no loss?

Ugh. Whine fest. Sorry. I took the day off today - I didn't go to the gym, I ate what I wanted, etc. But I suppose tomorrow I'll get up and be good again. *sigh* I'm just not feeling very into it right now.

Last Weeks Goals:
I did NOT do the jump rope thing. Sorry. I just couldn't muster the desire after sucking at it so much.
I did NOT go to the gym 3 times. But I did go twice and get at least 2 home-workouts in.
I DID eat minimal snacks each day.

This Weeks Goals:
Go to the gym 3 times.
Eat minimal snacks (after today - I'm not counting today)
Minimize my carbs

I wonder if my carb-loving habits are the cause of some of this weight trouble. So this week I am going to work on that. Not that I'm going to cut them out or anything drastic like that. I'll just watch them and not over-do it.

Sorry for the whiney post. Really. Today was a bad day. But I'm sure tomorrow will be better. I pray tomorrow will be better. I can't quit say that I'm sure tomorrow will be better, but I'm pretty confidant it will.

Oh, and GO TEAM LIME!!!

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  1. You are still doing a good job. I know you might not want to hear this, but your body is probably still healing. Give it time. I am sure soon all of a sudden the weight is going to be coming off so fast!

    Sorry a few days late. Since it is now summer my kids are hogging the computer:)