Monday, June 22, 2009


I took a small hiatus the last half of last week. A hiatus from dieting and exercise. ... I know, not good.

But maybe it was good. I was discouraged and only kinda half doing it the few days before my hiatus. Now, after my hiatus, I am invigorated. I am fully ready to jump back in with both feet.

Today I exercised basically all day. I went to the gym in the morning - and worked harder and longer than I have in a while. I did sit-ups and leg lifts and such while watching my afternoon mindless-television. And this evening the kids wanted to play outside so I ran circles around the cul-de-sac while they played. I am exhausted. But I feel great! Really, really great!

I also ate really well today. No splurges at all, despite the fact that there are 3 different delectable treats in my house leftover from Father's Day (I won't tell you what they are so that you don't start craving them). I am going to have a treat this evening. Just a small one. I think treats are important for me. If I totally cut myself off from all treats I just end up binging.

So, like I said, I jumped in with both feet. Now, if I can just stay in, I'll be fine! I gotta start pulling my weight on Team Lime!!

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