Friday, June 12, 2009

Lost Day

What happened to Thursday? It just kind of flew past me. I didn't exercise or even do my jump roping challenge. Shoot! Part of the busyness was that I hosted book club at my house last night. I made a semi-healthy snack and luckily nobody brought anything too ooey-gooey-chocolatey that I couldn't' resist. I'll call that a definite success.

Today is a pretty busy day, too. But I'm off to the gym first thing this morning so that I can't possibly miss out on it. And I'll get back to the jump roping tonight. I'm determined not to give up on it since I sucked at it so much. I will master that dang thing!

What to do at the gym today? ... I'm thinking elliptical and weights. It's been a while since I did some good weight lifting.

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